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Our United Way funded agencies are working tirelessly for our community. They are often an overlooked, assumed, and unrecognized group who assist and defend those in greatest need. We see them, we support them, and we thank them. Help us support and thank them too by posting your photos with #liveunited, #thankyou and #together.

Our social services safety net is more critical now than ever before. Programs like these – and the many others who depend on United Way funding – are essential not only to help local families survive this crisis, but also to ensure that they will thrive long after COVID-19 is a distant memory.

– Tim Morrissey, President and General Manager of WJCL ABC 22 – Hearst Television

UWCE Board Member and UWCE Community Investment Committee Chair


The 211 helpline and community service centers in Bryan, Effingham and Liberty counties are receiving more calls than ever before in our United Way history because of impacts of COVID-19. The needs of the community are primarily housing and food related but as the crisis builds, it creates more critical needs for our community.


We want to give as much help as we can to the community who needs us. So, we are drawing the line and using the United Way COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund to help stabilize those families who are on the edge of homelessness during this unpredictable time. For those who can demonstrate income loss as a direct result of COVID-19, funds are available for assistance with rent, mortgage, and utility payments when grace periods are not offered and to provide financial assistance for additional critical needs such as medical expenses and child care.

Thank you to our supporters who have already given:

*names from 4/8/20-4/15/20

Anonymous Donors | Stella Akridge | David Allen | Lissa & Edward Alvarez | Jeanine Ball | Glorous Bell | Nathan Benson | Pamela Bernard | Genevieve Boyle | John Branigin | LaToya Brannen | Francis Clearo | Randall Collins | Heather Crampton | Dr. & Mrs. Henry G. Croci | Anne Dark | Susan Daye | Kathy Dennis | Leigh Dillon | Deborah Evans-Jackson | Kristin Geriner | Dr. Franklin & Cheryl Goldwire | Lynne Gray | Rebecca Hallowell | Ida Hines-Chance | Jules Homans | Virginia Hood | Mike Hosti | Donald & Lynne Greeley Howe | Gregory Howe | Shanae Hudson | Edward Hughes | William Johnston | Jessie M. Jones | Robert M. Levy | Juan Madrigal | Patricia Marritt | Alice McCarthy | Jean McCormick | Julia McIntosh | John & Laura Lane McKinnon | Kathleen & Robert Miller | Charlie Milmine | Patty & Jim Morgan | Tim Nichols | Kristen Olinger | Valeria Oliver | Carl Parrish | David Phillips | John Picker | Lee Ann Powell | John Prather | Tracy Rabuse | Susan Reed | Leigh Ryan | Robb Sallee | Cecelia Sears | Shirley Sessions | Maggie Smith | Kenneth L. Stanford | Cynthia Stewart | Leo Story | Marti & Austin Sullivan | Roberta Thompson | W Encherman & M Leugers Giving Fund | David Weems | Sally Werntz | Major Williams | John Woodward | Dr. & Mrs. Zoller | Dr. & Mrs. Zoller in memory of Leslie Walker
In memory of Arnold & Lorlee Tenenbaum : Anonymous | Curtis & Elizabeth Anderson | John Cay | Dolly Chisholm | Critz Family | Eleanore Leavitt De Sole | Sprague Exley | AM Goldkrand | Timothy Hargus | Jeff Kole | Paddison/Kandel Family Charitable Trust | Dee Sutlive | Bert Tenenbaum | Dale Thorpe | Anne West
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