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Gary Robinson was alone, far from family, and homeless. Choosing to not return home to Tennessee after being released from prison, he stayed in Savannah even without a place to go. He was faced with the hard choice of risking his new, clean slate or being on the street.

Gary first found temporary housing at Salvation Army but knew that he had to break away from those he was there with, in order to keep his life moving forward.

So Gary was homeless once again. “I felt my pride was gone. I didn’t know if I wanted help because of it.”

After struggling and being alone, Gary headed to Emmaus House with a friend hoping to find the strength to begin a new life. Emmaus House is a United Way funded agency that provides safety and relief to homeless people in Savannah through their soup kitchen, bathroom and laundry services.

Gary received support through Emmaus House to earn his independent and drug-free life back. After three years of going to Emmaus House, he started volunteering in the kitchen to return the kindness and hospitality to others.

After eight months, Gary was offered the job in the kitchen. From client, to volunteer, to dishwasher, to assistant chef, Gary has earned his own way. And six months after that, Gary had his own home.

“It’s a great feeling to be able to go home, to your own home.”

The biggest difference in Gary’s life has come from being on the other side of the soup kitchen line. By feeding those who are homeless in Savannah, he has helped give humanity back to those he serves.

You can help more people like Giulia by giving to United Way and texting UWCE to 56512.

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