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The year 2003 would prove to be a busy one for Charlotte McGregory, a Chicago resident who was ready for a change in scenery. Eager to settle down in a quieter environment, Charlotte moved south to Liberty County in Georgia. She grew to love her new surroundings, deeming it as the perfect community for retirement. However, she felt that there was one small problem. Charlotte was starved for companionship. She had been residing in Liberty County for nearly two years before she was eventually introduced to Senior Citizens, Inc.a nonprofit organization that aims to service all elderly individuals physically and intellectually, as well as socially.
            Charlotte began her journey with Senior Citizens, Inc. as a bright-eyed instructor in 2005, leading an array of different exercises and activities for fellow seniors. Over time, she would become an enthusiastic student, attending various programs three times per week at their Adult Day Health Center.

Charlotte stated, “There’s no dull moment whatsoever. We just have fun over there. I feel like a teenager when I go. I get up and catch the bus, going over there to school and seeing all my friends.”

Patti Lyons, President and CEO of Senior Citizens, Inc., is most excited to bring delight to Charlotte and many other seniors in search of adventure and excitement.

“Our mission is to help people age successfully, and we accomplish that by providing a lot of different services that can be customized to meet individual and changing needs. It’s a place where they’re active and happy and full of companionship,” said Lyons.

United Way of the Coastal Empire is honored to support Senior Citizens, Inc. because our senior residents deserve to be acknowledged. We understand what it means for the soul to be enriched by means of socialization. No senior resident should have to be alone, and Senior Citizens, Inc., has created a safe space for them to happily come together. “The center is my second home,” said Charlotte. “I don’t know what I would do without it.” Various staff and volunteers work hard to ensure that the needs of all participants are met. Whether they’re providing personal care, delivering meals, or simply answering questions—Senior Citizens, Inc. wants the senior residents of our community to be able to receive the help they need.

“Can you imagine going through your day not talking to someone or having someone to ask simple questions like, ‘Is there anything you need today?’ Our programs are designed to provide a full quality of life,” said Lyons.

With the spread of Covid-19, the Adult Day Health Center has temporarily closed its doors for the sake of protecting its seniors. Nevertheless, Senior Citizens, Inc. continues to reach out to those who are in need of entertainment. With nearly 10,000 seniors being served every year, they are now committed to virtual activities until everyone is able to safely come together again. Charlotte is especially thrilled to be amongst her group of friends in the near future. Until then, she is content with simply enjoying her company, old and new, in a wonderful game of “Virtual Bingo.”

United Way thanks all of you for giving Charlotte, and many others, the support they need.

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