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Charlotte’s Story

Maintaining a strong social network is essential for keeping older adults healthy. When maintained, older adults have an increase in happiness, less anxiety, and less depression. By helping provide funding to Senior Citizens, Inc., United Way of the Coastal Empire…

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Always United – A Letter From Chief Terry Enoch

On Thursday, September 10, United Way of the Coastal Empire will kick-off an annual campaign unlike any other in our 82-year history. Due to the pandemic, this campaign will run almost entirely online, via video-conferencing, socially distanced-presentations, and with creative…

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Jeremy’s Story

Fifteen years ago Jeremy received a scholarship from Kicklighter Academy that was made possible by the funds provided by United Way of the Coastal Empire. A scholarship that would have a lifelong impact. From a young age, Jeremy showed obvious…

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Frank’s Story

When Frank, a Savannah native, was a little boy, he never learned how to read a book, recite his ABC’s, or write his name. He went 78 years relying on his basic instincts and hard work to survive in his…

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COVID-19 Agency Emergency Grant Highlights

------At the onset of the pandemic, we recognized that our funded agency partners would face significant challenges to their operations and finances related to COVID-19, including increased demand for essential services like shelter, food, childcare and emergency financial assistance; costs…

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SAVANNAH, GA (August 3, 2020) – United Way of the Coastal Empire has awarded a $28,000 grant to the Effingham County Board of Education. The fund will be used to purchase 100 Chromebooks to ensure students in need have access…

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Queen’s Story

In the Coastal Empire region, 60% of households are female-headed families - approximately 46% are employed. The expense of moving and getting out of a difficult situation can put a hard-working mother into a financial emergency. Queen, a mother of…

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3.5 hours.  That’s how long I sat in my idling car snaking through the parking lot to get my COVID test, with hundreds of fellow Savannahians in their idling cars.  Frustrated, grumpy, and thankfully COVID-free, I bemoaned the state of…

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Petra’s Story

After having 3 strokes, 2 heart attacks, and an open heart surgery, Petra stays resilient. “I’m a fighter. I don’t give up,” Petra said. To keep her mind sharp, Petra attends a weekly stroke support group with Savannah Speech and…

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