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From hello to help,
211 is here for you.

Serving Bryan, Chatham, Effingham & Liberty Counties

Please be patient. We are currently experiencing high call volume. 

How it Works

1.)  What type of assistance is needed?

Choose from categories below for a quick resource guide.
If you require further assistance, call 2-1-1.

2.)  Do you pre-qualify for assistance?

Before dialing 2-1-1, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I currently employed?
  • If so, have I lost income because of the pandemic?
  • If I am unemployed, is my job-loss directly related to the pandemic?
  • Can I provide proof?
  • Is my bill currently in the late status?

3.)  What documents are required?

Have the following documents readily available:

  • Copy of Driver’s License/ State I.D./ Birth Certificate/ Passport
  • Proof of Income (Bank Statement, Managerial Letter, Check Stubs, etc.)
  • Copy of Bill
  • IF Applicable: Leasing Agreement, Eviction Notice, etc.

4.)  Where can I find the application for assistance?

  • If you meet the pre-qualifications for assistance, a 211 representative will provide you with the application.
  • You must contact 211 before you can complete the application for assistance.
  • IF you have been given the application by someone other than a 211 representative, we will NOT be able to process your application. You must contact us for the application so that we can properly input your information into the system.

5.)  What happens after the application has been completed?

  • Our 211 representatives are working as quickly as possible to process all applications.
  • Please upload ALL required documents to avoid any further delay. Be sure to complete the application correctly and press SUBMIT.
  • If your application is approved, a case manager will contact you for additional information.

Find your area of need.

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Rental & Mortgage
Food & Clothing
Health & Wellness
Domestic Violence
Substance Abuse
Finance / Legal
Disability / Training

City of Savannah Cares Act Fund

Assisting residents of the City of Savannah in paying past due mortgage, rent, or utility balances directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Rental Assistance

The Chatham County Emergency Rental Assistance Program at United Way is here to assist ALL residents of Chatham County in maintaining stable, safe housing.

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