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Beacon Society members are the core of our giving leadership.

Beacon Society members demonstrate a deep commitment to making our community a better place. They set a standard for community leadership that strengthens the fabric of our region.

Members are recognized locally and invited to engage in the work of United Way through volunteerism, networking, and special events.


Giving Levels

Fleet Admiral’s Circle ($7,500 – $9,999)

Admiral’s Circle ($5,000 – $7,499)

Commodore’s Circle ($2,500 – $4,999)

Captain’s Circle ($1,500 – $2,499)

Commander’s Circle ($1,200 – $1,499)

2022-2023 Donors

Fleet Admiral’s Circle

Marianne and Chuck Canter

Griff Lynch

Admiral’s Circle

Gustavous H. Bell IV

Jay and Tina Boaen

Carolyn Donovan

Kathy and Rob Fritz

William Grainger

Douglas E. Herman

Kathy Horne and Carl Pedigo

Vanessa and Michael Kaigler

William Keaton

B.H. and Marjorie Levy

Kimberly and Jon Pannell

Brad and Ann Samuelson

Diane and Ed Schmults

Doug and Libby Thom

Misty Thompson

Erin and James Waterman

Randall Webb

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber

Kelli and Derek White

Commodore’s Circle

Anonymous (4)

Lise and Ben Altman

Cort and John Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie A. Barnhill, Jr.

Elaine and David Barrow

Betty and Walker Beeson

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Bradley, Jr.

Carrie and Brad Brookshire

Drs. Joe and Marilyn Buck

In Memory of Kati Burdett

Mark L. Burns

Drs. Adelle Burnsed-Geffen and Theodore Geffen

Becky and David Burr

Gloria Cirincione

Suzanne Cooler and David White

Mary Jane Crouch

Drs. Sherry and Tom Danello

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Daniel, Jr.

Diane and Jay Deering

Mr. D. Morgan Derst and Ms. Pam Miltiades

Dr. and Mrs. James Dewberry

Terri and Michael Doyle

Stephanie and John Duttenhaver

Amiri Farris

Mrs. Beverly Fingerle

Todd and Penny Freesemann

Sharon and Murray Galin

John Garceau and Francesca Macchiaverna

Patsy and Joey Grainger

Catherine and Scott Grant

Pam and Kyle Harding

Thomas Hussey

Doug Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. James G. Lindley, Jr.

John Lutz

Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Mandel

Jason Marshall

Leta and John Martin

Heather and Ed McCarthy

Jamie and Kendall McCurry

Kimberly Waller and Jay Melder

Freddie Matthew Milton Jr. and Dr. Rose Marie Milton

Patrick and Sharlene Monahan

Timothy C. Mooney

Laura and Ted Moore

Ellen and Jeff O’Connor

Karen and Kurt Oelschig

Pam and Roy Page

Rick and Lori Panettieri

Mandy and Neil Parsons

Howard and Patty Paul

Heather E. Peloquin

Karen and Cliff Pyron

Debbi and Ken Rabitsch

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Rainey

Dr. and Mrs. William S. Ray, Jr.

Cindy and Roddie Robinett

Jerry and Mary Rooney

Debbie and Mike Rouzee

Jennifer Sawyer

Bruce and Sherry Schneidewind

Mary and Gregg Schroeder

Sarah and David Sink

Jim and Janet Stevenson

Elizabeth Talcott Stout

Mr. and Mrs. T. Pratt Summers

Michael M. and Kathleen Taylor

Hugh “Trip” and Tracey Tollison

Michael and Lisa Traynor

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wright

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Young

Michael and Linda Zoller

Captain’s Circle

Anonymous (13)

Todd Abler

Jennifer Abshire

Barbara and Kenneth Alday

Bill and Deidra Anderson

Liz and Steven Arkin

Mark Arnold

Paul and Vanessa Barger

Wesley Barrell

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Barrow III

Leslie and Bill Bennison

Paul Bisso

Kate and Andy Blair

Lauren Blatt and Brian Tanner

Lloyd Boren

Hugh D. Bourne

Robert and Colleen Brannen

Virginia and Kevin Broderick

Michael and Sheila Butler

Joanne R. Caldwell

Mr. and Mrs. Brady Cannon

Margie and Jason Chambless

Allen Childs

Dakin and Britta Christenson

John and Avis Coleman

G. Scott and Laura C. Coleman

Randall and Helen Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Compton, Jr.

Linda Cramer

Barry Crawford

Stephen and Stacy Crawford

Dr. and Mrs. Henry Croci

Jennifer and Leon Davenport

Andrea Dove

Linda Marie Duncan

Mr. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Dunn

Carol and John Duren

Vonny and Ken Farrell

DeAnna and Eric Fournier

Jeffrey and Lynn A. Franklin

Gary Gale

Susan Gardner

Jenny L. Gentry

Mark and Diane Gentry

Molly and Arthur Gignilliat

Trey and Christina Glendye

Dr. Danae Goldberg and Dr. Ronald Goldberg

Damien and Kristin Graham

Ryan L. Green

Hope and Will Gruver

Richard H. Hamilton

Paul E. and Amy W. Harkness

Jo and Chris Hart

Ben Hart

Kate Haslam

Emily and Nolan Hennessee

Sharon and Rick Herrera

Dr. Cathy P. Hill

Julia and Leamon Holliday

Misty and Mike Hughes

Mike Husain and Gina Donovan

Robert Jacobs

Billy James

Jessica Jenkins

Judy K. Johnson

Ben and Shae Jones

Cindy Kelley and Ken Zapp

Mr. and Mrs. Doyle D. Kelley, Jr.

William and Jamie Kelso

Rodnick and Suzanne King

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Kolat

Robert E. and Marie E. Kraft Family Fund

James and Karen Laplander

Diane A. Lapsley in Memory of Robert A. Lapsley

Dr. Harvey C. Lebos

Scott and Jodi Lewis

Neil and Carrie Ligon

Nathan and BJ Long

Lynda Lum

Patti and Patrick Lyons

Jocelyn and TJ Marrs

Mr. and Mrs. Robert May

Jean B. McCormick

Mr. and Mrs. J. Cliff McCurry

Julie and Jerry McLean

Nordy and Ramon Meguiar

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Mercer

Teresa and Lamar Mercer

Carole and Bob Michna

Tyler Midgett

Peter and Molly Mierke

Larry and Mary Miller

Mr. James and Patty Morgan

Tammie N. Mosley

Brendan Moss

Dr. and Mrs. Morgan W. Murray

Randy Murray

Justin Nash

Chris and Kim Nicholson

Barbara W. Nutting

Katina Oliver

Jenny and Tim O’Sako

Meg and Tom Pace

David Perpinan

Jane and Bill Peterson

John Polites

Tonya Poole

Donna and Steve Pound

Dr. Giselle Rosinia and Dr. Stephen Rasleigh

Julie Raulerson

Steven Ritchie

Michelle and Rigel Rodriguez

Veronica and Richard Ruggles

Corey Sams

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schavoir

Diann and Al Scott

Ben and Alisha Senger

Dr. Rebecca and Mr. James Sentman

Sarah and Ryan Sewell

Ms. Cathy Sheffield

Dr. Beth Sheridan and Mr. Thomas Gustinella

Carolyn and David Smalls

Kelly and Kevin Smith

Bryce Sopko

Linda Artley and Cliff Spiro

Teri and Mark Sprosty

Christopher Stacy

Clara and Richard Steinbach

Shelly and Leo Story

Teresa and Chris Stovall

Kate and Criss Strain

Kimberly and David Tanner

Derick Thompson

Elizabeth and John Thompson

Juliette and Terry Tolbert

Jill and Brad Trower

James Vick

Julie and Drew Wade

Louise and Tom Wagner

Michelle White

Emmy and Mark Wilcox

Melissa Wilder

David and Karen Wilson

Linda and Rick Winger

Coleman J. Wright

Commander’s Circle

Anonymous (26)

Steve and Montie Acuff

Antonio Arata

Jim and Carol Austin

Anthony and Rie Avino

Kim and Danny Bachman

Brockton and Jocelyn Baker

Kimberly Ballard-Washington and Craig Washington

Capt. and Mrs. Benjamin N. Beason

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bell

Mary Ann and D. Beil

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Benson

Katrina Bostick

Mike and Gloria Bray

Jan and Joseph Brennan

Dr. Thomas R. Broderick

Susan Williams Broker

Joshua D. Brown

Bradley Brown

Capt. and Mrs. William T. Brown, Jr.

Mr. W. Thomas Browne III

Capt. and Mrs. William Thomas Browne, Jr.

Guy Buck

Ann Fryer Burke

LeRoy Burke III

Jimmy and Becky Burnsed

Pamela Buttimer

Adam Cader

Mayra Calzadilla-Vieito

Gene Chervenak

Dr. Scott Cohen

Jimmy Collins

Suppasak Collins

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond B. Corbett

Orlando Cordero

Kelly and Chris Corey

Frank and Florence Cotter

Susan W. Craddock

Cynthia and Aaron Cradduck

Leigh Craft

Kristen and Jake Crawley

Martin Crockit

Tracy D. Crow

Jaime Dailey-Vergara and Jose Vergara

Fred and Karen Daniel

Robert H. Daniels

Edward N. Davis III

Cheri Dean

Lisa and Eddie Dean

Edith and John Dekle

Delphine and Michael DeMauro

Robert Demere III

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Dent

Drs. Josepha and John DeVaro

Kathryn E. DeYulia

Christy and Ward Divine

Chris Driggers

Capt. and Mrs. John Ebberwein II

Tiffany Edge

Debra and Rob Ellis

Terry L. Enoch

E. Robert and Carolyn Ernest

Earl and Becky Etheridge

Mr. and Mrs. David Evankovich

Laura Evans

Michael Everhart

Stuart Exley

Charles Fillyaw

Gregory and Dr. Erika Finch

Dr. and Mrs. Yancy Ford

Melissa Allen Foster

Russell Foulke

William and Deborah Friend

Charles Furchgott, Jr.

Arthur and Andrea Gartland

David and Dorie Gaskin

Kelly and Mike Gasque

Dr. and Mrs. Morris Geffen

John and Sheila Giordano

Robert S. Glenn, Jr.

A.M. Goldkrand

The Goodwin Family

David Goslin and Nancy McGirr

Arron J. Graves

David N. Grayson

Robin and Richard Greco

Sally and Steve Greenberg

Jennifer and James Grusheski

Lenny Gunther

Chief Jeffrey Hadley

Donna H. Hall

Susan and William Hancock

Capt. Carey W. Harriott, Jr.

David and Haven Hart

Ralph Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Holden T. Hayes

Angela M. Hendrix

Ben and Monique Herron

Fran and Paul P. Hinchey

Mary and Russell Hoffmann

Edwin Horne

Mike Hughes and Donna Davis

Brian H. Hunt

Chris and Shelby Ingram

Mark Jackovich and Pamela Stewart

Linda and Thomas James

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jennings

Elisabeth Karlstrom

Michael Kaslik

Terri and Al Kennickell

Danielle and Derrick Kessler

Suzanne and Adam Kirk

Matthew Kossler

Paula Kreissler

William Lane

Paige Lauri

Robert Lauze and Suzanne Kirkeby

Mill Lawson

Meredith “Merry” Layman

Dr. M. Ann Levett

Ben and Jonell Lewis

Robert Lewis

Bridget Lidy

Theresa D. Liles

Dave Linville

Michelle and Steven Liotta

Clayton Lawton Livingston

Dr. and Mrs. J. Robert Logan

Jessica and Jared Lott

Capt. Craig Maggioni

Capt. Reginald Magwood

George Major, Jr.

Debra and Paul Mamalakis

Karlos J. Manning

Thomas Martin

Barbara and Frank Mason

Kirby and Frank Mason

Tiffany and Kyle McCann

Charles McQueen

Andrew L. McIntosh

Joan and Herb McKenzie

Tom McTier

In Honor of Bill Metcalf

Dr. Julia L. Mikell

Scott J. Mollison

Mr. and Mrs. Scott K. Monson

Deborah S. Morris

Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Morris

Scott Neal

Kenneth Nichol

Estella and Walton Nussbaum

Peter Nyamora

Wayne R. Oedewaldt

William Osborne

Charles Pennington

George Petrini

Raymond and Constance Pittman

David and Maggie Porter

Benjamin Price

Maggie Puccini

Brian and Melissa Quinney

Mike Reid

Jennifer and Thomas Reiser

Capt. and Mrs. Dirk K. Resler, Sr.

Beverley and Allan Reynolds

Kimberly and Jimmy Rhodes

Debbie Rich

Lois K. Robinson

Carrie and Dan Rohde

Coren and Rusty Ross

Mr. and Mrs. William Roux

Margaret Mary Russell

Dr. Linda and Mr. Stephen Sacks

Robb and Katherine Sallee

Franklin C. Salzman

Mary Kay Schaffer

Melinda Schultz

James J. Scooler

Deirdre Seagraves

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Sellers

Andrew P. Slater

Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Smith

Ann and Dan Snope

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Soderberg

Ignacio Soto

Rob and Laura Sparks

Deanie and Joey Strength

Wandrea and Lester Strowbridge

Elizabeth and David Sullivan

Jim Tait

Jeffrey Taylor

Paul F. Taylor

Susan Taylor

Donald J. Taylor

Olin Thomas

Jennifer and Jason Thomas

Mark and Mitzi Toth

Anne Trees

Len Tropea

Fiorella Truslow

Dru and Jason Usry

Kevin Valik

Greg Van Brunt and Sherry Laman

Eli Vandiver

Dr. Kate Vaught

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Vaught

Patrick Wall

Ryan Waters

Kelli Weis

Capt. and Mrs. Matthew Wesley

Capt. and Mrs. Richard D. Wesley

Valarie West

Jerimiah Wheeler

Eddie L. White

Margaret and Rodney Williams

Mary Constance and Richard Williams

Ellen and Richard Williams

Melanie and James Willoughby

Brian Wilmoth

Teresa I. Winn

Willie Wooten

Capt. and Mrs. Christopher Yarbrough, Sr.

Capt. and Mrs. Christopher L. Yarbrough, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Yeckley

Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Young

Dan and Celise Zbytovsky

Caroline Zuck

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