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“Even as much as you try to have playdates, go to the library or find activities, there’s a gap between school years that is hard to fill in our family’s capacity,” Sabrina Jones, mother of Giulia, incoming second-grader.

As an only child, and a bright, young student, Giulia was losing interest in school and friends over the summer. She had a hard time finding ways to stay occupied during the months without her being socially and academically engaged, and her parents felt Giulia was slipping away from her potential.

When Sabrina and Scott Jones found out about Camp Horizons through a neighbor, they knew they had to try it for Giulia. The United Way funded six-week summer program is subsidized to a low cost for families for their children to stay actively learning. It provides meals, field trips, swimming lessons, and exploratory educational classes.

With Giulia attending the program, her parents say she’s done a complete 180 degrees, “She’s like a sponge. She’s teaching us now.” Her mind is geared differently now, and she has the balance of being a kid, with being successful in school.

Giulia is now more well-rounded, a more curious learner, and more confident thanks to this program. “As a middle class working family, this program allows us to better provide for Giulia all year-round instead of sinking so much money into her education for a smaller part of time over the summer.”

You can help more people like Giulia by giving to United Way .

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