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In the Coastal Empire region, 60% of households are female-headed families – approximately 46% are employed. The expense of moving and getting out of a difficult situation can put a hard-working mother into a financial emergency.

Queen, a mother of three and an Effingham resident, found her family in an unsafe living situation. With her children’s wellbeing in mind, she knew they needed to get out of their current environment. However, due to financial restraints, Queen didn’t know how making the change was possible.

“The kids were at the very forefront for my reason. They didn’t ask for this – they didn’t ask to be here. They are my driving force to humble myself enough to even ask for help,” Queen said.

As a mother of two at the time and pregnant, all Queen wanted to do was make sure she was taking care of her children as best as she could.

“Moving is one thing, but affording it is something totally different. We weren’t honestly able to afford to move,” Queen said.

In her journey of looking for better living arrangements, Queen was referred to United Way of the Coastal Empire by a local agency. Knowing her need was greater than any one organization could support alone, United Way reached out to Effingham Churches United, a network of local churches that United Way Effingham Service Center helps to coordinate.

The collaboration between United Way and Churches United creates a network that is able to pull together more resources, funds, and relationships – making it possible to help a greater number of people in the community.

“Churches United wouldn’t exist at all were it not for what United Way does for us. Collectively we can help where we most likely would never have been able to because the ask was too large for any one church,” Pastor Moses Toole, Senior Pastor at Centerpoint Community Church, said.

United Way, with Churches United, were able to offer assistance to Queen by providing here with necessary deposits she needed so her family could move into a new apartment.

“Without United Way, I honestly have no clue where we would be. Hopefully not homeless on the streets, but it was definitely a possibility,” Queen said.

Queen and her family were able to move in time to welcome the birth of her daughter.

“Having a place that is safe and secure meant the world,” Queen said. “United Way has changed the life of myself and the life of my family, and I can only imagine the countless number of lives that can be changed in the future.”

When you give to United Way of the Coastal Empire, you help create a chance for families to have a brighter future. That’s why, with your support, we can ensure that mothers and children can find a safe space to move towards success.

You can give today at

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