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According to The National Alliance to End Homelessness—a nonpartisan organization committed to ending and preventing homelessness in the United States—10,443 people in the state of Georgia were homeless on a given night in 2019. 10,443 people were without proper sleeping arrangements, healthcare, security, and many other essentials that we often take for granted. Additionally, this group of people has been attached to various stigmas that derogatorily mislabel the origin behind their homelessness. However, one of the leading causes of homelessness is a lack of affordable housing. Not only are individuals unable to obtain good homes at lower costs, but the expense of moving into such homes is well-above what they’re capable of spending.

Queen, a hard-working mother of three children, found herself on the brink of homelessness during her transition to a safer environment. The Effingham resident simply needed a home that would provide an adequate amount of space for her family, among other necessities. Unfortunately, she was met with various moving costs that would threaten all prospects of a better living situation.

“I just had to get to a place where I could be sure that my family and myself could be safe and taken care of. I wanted to be in an affordable place that we could all fit into,” said Queen.

Feeling utterly stressed, Queen felt that it was time to ask for some much-needed assistance—so she called upon United Way of the Coastal Empire. “I reached out to United Way because I came across some hard times. My family and I were steady at one point, but we hit a huge bump in the road.”

Fortunately, United Way was able to connect Queen with Effingham Churches United, a network of local churches that have partnered with United Way of the Coastal Empire in Effingham County to best serve the community. Moses Toole, Senior Pastor at Center Pointe Community Church, is proud to have joined forces with United Way.

“It’s much  easier…Churches don’t have enough staff to support every single case. With United Way, we are able to meet the needs of people much more efficiently,” said Toole.

Effingham Churches United provided Queen with different resources that would ultimately create a more peaceful transition for her and her family.

“They pulled together funds for the first month’s rent as well as other moving costs, and I was provided with different outlets, just in case I needed help with anything else,” she said.

Queen referred to one of the agents of Churches United as an angel, saying, “She’s the friend that I never got to meet.”

United Way is tirelessly working alongside many to lower the number of people who are experiencing homelessness. We want our residents to know that United Way cares about where you’re sleeping. We care about your safety. Most of all, we care about you. Thanks to our donors, Queen’s family is safe and sound in their new, happy home.


 “When it rains it pours and I was drowning, but United Way was a lifeline for me. I’m able to smile again and actually focus on enjoying my family. To all of the United Way supporters—with your support, me and my family are provided for. I employ you all to please continue to give in whatever way you can. The things they’re doing in the community is making a difference in so many lives. We need them, whether it’s when we’re sure of it or when life just happens. Thank you.”

As always, United Way thanks you too!

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-Malarie Williams

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