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To receive funding from United Way of the Coastal Empire, all of the following eligibility criteria must be met:

The organization is an incorporated, nonprofit, human service organization under the laws of the state of Georgia and has tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code and current fundraising registration with the State of Georgia’s Office of the Secretary of State.

The organization has a Board of Directors that is an active, representative voluntary governing body with regular meetings and is responsible for developing its mission, determining its strategic direction and providing oversight.

The organization has bylaws that state the purpose of the organization, make provisions for the size of the Board of Directors and provide rules for selection, tenure, number of officers and committees, financial and legal procedures, conflicts of interest and quorum requirements.

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that sufficient funds are available for the organization to meet its objectives.

The organization has proof of adequate liability insurance coverage and will indemnify United Way of the Coastal Empire, its volunteers and staff from any and all liability for any damage or injury caused to an employee, client, patron, agency, visitor or guest of the organization.

The organization can submit at time of application, or when requested, a current, annual audit (financial review if annual revenues are between $100,000 and $249,999 and the UWCE grant award is less than $25,000) prepared by an independent certified public accountant in compliance with generally accepted auditing standards as applied to nonprofit organizations.

The Board of Directors inspects and approves the annual audit, or review, as well as IRS Form 990.

The organization has and maintains a balanced budget, or has an agreed upon plan for meeting all deficits.

The organization has a history of providing services in Bryan, Chatham, Effingham and/or Liberty counties for a minimum of three years and services are provided free of discrimination based on race, national origin, religious belief, military and veteran status, disability, age, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

The organization’s services align to one or more of United Way of the Coastal Empire’s priority impact areas of Education, Income and Health.

The organization has the capacity and mechanisms in place to provide regular reporting of measurable, qualitative and quantitative outcomes.

The organization demonstrates reasonable efficiency of program management and adequacy of resources, both in materials and in personnel (voluntary and paid) to sustain a quality level of service.

The Board of Directors and staff agree to support United Way of the Coastal Empire’s mission statement, participate in the annual charitable-giving campaign, government relations, and communications activities, as requested.

The organization is in compliance with the USA PATRIOT Act and other state and federal anti-terrorism laws.

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