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Larry Show, General Manager of Lineage Logistics in Effingham County, is leading his life with purpose. A military veteran, Larry has dedicated much of his time to serving others and he continues to do so wholeheartedly. For nearly 10 years altogether, Larry has been working with local United Ways throughout the country to fulfill the needs of individuals and families who are seeking assistance with food, shelter, clothing, and so much more. Today, he serves on our United Way of the Coastal Empire Effingham County Advisory Board—helping us develop plans that are mobilizing the caring power of our community. His compassion for people is the motive for his support as well as his desire to encourage united giving—both of which are significant to the future success of residents everywhere.

Larry oversees a staff of 150 members, most of whom have been encouraged to participate in a number of different service projects. He admits that the task of urging them to volunteer can be challenging at times, but the end result is most rewarding.

“We want our folks to respect each other and learn to trust each other, and serving is really a part of that. You are proof that we can trust our community to take care of our needs if we have any… I believe it provides them with some level of pride. When they volunteer it satisfies them as who they are as people, reminding them that we all need help sometimes,” said Larry.

His team has been present for a number of different volunteer projects with United Way, some of them requiring a bit of heavy-duty work. Nevertheless, they have brought a lot of smiles to many faces in our community. Elizabeth Waters, the Area Director of Effingham County Service Center, says, “Larry and his team are very dependable volunteers, and they always show up with great enthusiasm.” Elizabeth was especially vocal about one of Larry’s staff members who has been recognized as a repeat attendee—Shavonah Shiggs. Shavonah has been volunteering through United Way alongside Larry for two years. When asked about the purpose of her contribution she responded, “When I was younger I stayed with my grandmother, and sometimes we had to go to food drives. After going through that, I felt as though I had to push harder because this taught me that if you can help someone, then help them. You never know when you might need it.”

United Way is committed to bringing hope and stability to the homes of our friends and neighbors, and we are always pleased to partner with leaders like Larry. We appreciate him for actively spreading the wealth of kindness and love. Thank you, Larry, for living UNITED.

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