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SAVANNAH, GA (November 2023) – United Way of the Coastal Empire is proud to offer the nonprofit community continuous capacity-building support with the Gulfstream Learning Series featuring nonprofit trainers from the Georgia Center for Nonprofits. This free series is held virtually from November 2023 through the end of January 2024 on Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and covers a variety of topics for nonprofit leaders of any level. Funding for this series is made possible through a grant from Gulfstream.

Those interested in the Gulfstream Learning Series can register on United Way of the Coastal Empire’s website at


Gulfstream Learning Series

  • 11/1 – Five Steps to Building a Healthy Board
  • 11/8 – Grant Writing, Part 1
  • 11/15 – Grant Writing, Part 2
  • 11/29 – Writing Outcomes, Part 1
  • 12/ 6 – Writing Outcomes, Part 2
  • 1/10 – Digital Fundraising, Part 1: Building an Engaged Online Community
  • 1/24 – Digital Fundraising, Part 2: Planning & Designing Digital Campaigns
  • 1/30 – Finance Basics and Best Practices


Five Steps to Building a Healthy Board: In this interactive session, participants will discuss how to create a healthy Board culture with engaged members. Topics include: developing Board governance structures and processes; strategic recruiting; thoughtful onboarding; increasing engagement; developing leaders; and maintaining ongoing participation to further your organization’s mission.


Grant Writing Part 1 and Part 2, Building a Powerful Case for Support: Your “case statement,” the argument for supporting your work, is one of the most important messages you can craft for your nonprofit. A case statement forms the foundation for all of your donor communications and asks and provides a valuable resource for everyone who is soliciting donations on your organization’s behalf.


Writing Outcomes, Part 1 and Part 2: Through this course, you’ll gain an understanding of the fundamental distinction between an output and an outcome, as well as the ability to name the three crucial components of an outcome measure. Building upon this foundational knowledge, you’ll apply your newfound skills in practical ways, i.e. drafting outcome measures tailored to your organization’s needs. Additionally, you’ll be equipped to define these measures, design a customized dashboard for tracking outcomes, and develop a strategic plan for their successful implementation.


Digital Fundraising, Part 1: Building an Engaged Community Online: What is peer-to-peer fundraising, and how can nonprofits leverage this strategy to reach new audiences organically, build community, and raise more money online? This course will help participants develop long-term strategies to engage their entire community – donors, volunteers, staff, board members, and beneficiaries – through online platforms, and equip them to become passionate advocates and fundraisers for the organization.


Digital Fundraising, Part 2: Planning & Designing Digital Campaigns: Learn how to uncover and develop the story behind your fundraising goal in order to inspire your community to give, ensure you have all the right tech in place to make your campaign a success, and find out how and when to deliver your messages to ensure the greatest impact.


Finance Basics and Best Practices: This course will focus on tools and concepts to help participants focus on the financial challenges unique to nonprofit organizations. Understanding your organization’s finances is a core competency for all nonprofit managers. Being able to build budgets, apply for grants, understand your cash position, and use the information in a financial statement – these are vital skills that anyone in a position of responsibility will need again and again.

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